The Importance of a Septic system

Living a rural lifestyle has its benefits for those who wish to avoid the busy atmosphere of the city. It also means that certain services aren’t available such as access to a public sewer system. In some city areas, sewer is not available due to the cost or geographic hurdles like rocky ground or hilly terrain. For these situations a septic system with septic tank is used. Regular maintenance is a good idea for keeping the tank and the rest of the system in good working order.

If you currently own or are looking at buying a house with a septic system, you may be wondering, “Why septic tank servicing so important?” As the tank accepts waste water, oil, fat, solids, and scum accumulate in the tank. Failing to have it pumped every 3-5 years can lead to a clogged tank and filter eventually causing failure of the disposal system.

Over time, a septic system can develop problems that can impact the entire plumbing system. If you do not have your septic system serviced and pumped, you not only risk damage, you also risk replacement of expensive waste system devices such as the leach field. The result can be thousands of dollars spent on permits, repair and replacement. It is very important to hire a registered contractor or pumper for septic system services because they can perform a broad range of septic services.

One important service they provide is pumping the contents out of septic tanks. A septic tank that is not pumped every three to five years is at risk of developing an overload of sludge and scum. This waste can fill up the tank, pass on to the leach field and cause the septic system and sewer to back up into the home. Depending on the size of the septic tank and how frequently it is used are two factors considered when determining when the septic tank should be pumped. A small septic tank that is serving a house with many people or high water use for small children will require pumping service more often.

Inspections are an important part of maintaining the entire entire system. An inspection will identify potential problems before they cause backups so they can be addressed. The pumper will offer advise on how to maintain the plumbing system such as what products to use to keep the lines clean and what not to put down the drain and toilet. They will recommend keeping the drain field free of vegetation, and the importance of removing trees so tree roots do not penetrate and clog or damage the sewer lines and system.

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