Mills Engineering Fills Needs For Design of Water and Waste water Systems in Arizona

Water and Wastewater Design by Mills Engineering

Mills Engineering fills needs for design of water and wastewater systems in Arizona.

Phoenix, Arizona (September 29, 2011) – In its ongoing efforts to bring creative waste water system design solutions to the communities it serves, Mills Engineering today announces services to  help supply safe water and safely dispose of the wastewater to preserve the quality of life in Arizona communities.

Kathy Mills, Professional Engineer said,  “More attention needs to be paid to upgrading collection and treatment systems to ensure full compliance with waste water treatment. Such investment will bring enormous benefits in terms of improving the quality of the life and the environment.”

Mills Engineering is well positioned to provide design and construct services for small and large project(s).  Their reference list & references from technology partners are a testament to this.  The company’s vast experience have repeatedly demonstrated through many installations in different applications that they have experience to help design most water and waste water projects.  The company takes quality control and quality assurance seriously.

“Our current projects are mainly on-site wastewater systems and well treatment systems in central Arizona.  Our staff has experience designing, preparing construction plans and specifications, applying for permits, and reviewing project construction for large and small water and wastewater pipeline, pumping, treatment, and disposal projects.” She added.

They focus on water and wastewater systems, keeping informed of the latest rule, policy changes, and technology that may affect client’s project and permitting process. Communication is important to keep projects on track. Striving to promptly return phone calls, answer emails, and maintain open communication with clients, suppliers, contractors, and regulators is a high priority. Striving to complete designs in a timely manner at a reasonable cost are additional goals!

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