Looking for a quality company to design and permit your septic system? The wait is over.

Phoenix, Arizona (January 12, 2012)- Are you tired of scanning those directories looking for a quality company to hire to design and permit your septic system? The wait is over!  Professional Engineer Kathy Mills of Mills Engineering has over 20 years of experience designing water and wastewater systems.

The internet makes it easy to learn about any topic – we can learn all about water and waste water systems by surfing! Not only that, we can easily find experienced engineers to help us solve our problems, make it through the regulatory maze, or assist with our new construction project.  We can become familiar with the company and engineer by reading blog posts, getting referrals from our network of friends and family, and watching videos.  These things make us comfortable about our decision on who to hire.

We do not need to call phone book entries just to find out if a company is in business and get some details about it. The website www.septic-design.info is a work in progress to provide information on many types of  septic systems, percolation and soil testing, and additional information that will help you learn what you want and need to know about on-site waste water or septic system. The blog gives readers better understanding on how to maintain systems, when to call an expert, and how to know what type of system we have.

With the internet it is no longer difficult to locate and find a reliable contractor, designer, or pumper for your septic system. You don’t have to trust somebody to just pump it and will tell you everything is okay, and then find out they did not fully pump the tank or inspect the interior.

Mills Engineering now offers a  FREE 15 minute CONSULTATION! Call an experienced engineer familiar with septic systems.  Let an expert answer your questions and ask you the questions that help solve your problems. 

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