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The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues related to septic system or on-site wastewater system design in Arizona.  The state rules and related County rules are what control the design process.

Topics that will be covered:

1. Site Investigations (percolation testing): preparing for testing, steps to complete field work and report.

2. Building Size: information used to project the waste water volume that will be generated.

3. Limiting Conditions: site characteristics that affect the design

4. Conventional Septic systems:  discussion of septic tanks and types of disposal systems.

5. Alternative Systems: description of each type of system approved for use in Arizona.

6. Permitting: getting the system approved by the regulatory agency in a Construction Authorization.

7. Construction: hiring a contractor and ensuring the system is installed correctly.

8. Testing: Making sure the tank(s) are watertight and it works as intended.

9. Final Permitting: approval of the installation and Discharge Authorization.

10. Startup:  using the system.

11. Maintenance: routine cleaning and checking.

12. Troubleshooting: causes of concern and steps to determine and fix the problem.

Do you have a question or topic that you want to see discussed?  Leave a comment below or contact Kathy Mills, P.E. at or 480-235-5052.

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