Engineering Services Provides Complete Solutions To Your Wastewater And Water Treatment Challenges!

At the heart of every great product lies a fantastic design.  A design that effectively blends form and function to create a product that meets all of its functional requirements in a cost-effective and aesthetically elegant way.  A design that ensures durability and performance for the life of the product.  A design that can be malleable enough to accommodate future changes to the product’s feature set or usage applications.  A design that meets all regulatory requirements and customer specifications.  In short, a design that takes all relevant factors into consideration.

Mills Engineering, LLC  is a world-class consulting  firm providing you with total solutions to your wastewater and water treatment challenges. Offers  quality service, whether it is a 20-foot water line or a simple septic tank and disposal trench to serve your new house, a state-of-the-art treatment system and irrigation disposal system, a short sewer pipe connection, a small well treatment system, miles of pipe to serve your subdivision, a sewer lift station and pressure pipe connecting to the local sewer system, a commercial treatment system, or a multiple well water system with tanks and booster pumps, they could  help you.

There staff has experience designing, preparation of construction plans and specifications, permitting, and reviewing project construction for large and small water and wastewater pipeline, pumping, treatment, and disposal projects.

They take quality control and quality assurance seriously. They  have a program in place to maintain the quality of our finished products. By focusing on water and wastewater, they keep informed of the latest rule, policy changes, and technology that may affect your project and permitting process.

Kathy Mills, professional Engineer says “In Mills Engineering we  strive to provide a fun, flexible, fulfilling, and challenging work place with opportunities for continual learning, growth and advancement”

Clients see this firm  as an extension of their own engineering teams, filling in their internal gaps and providing the expertise required to build better, stronger, safer, more reliable services and bring those products to market quickly and efficiently.

To find out more about how we’re changing the world in which we live, work and play, browse our archive of news stories and research at  Or you can filter the list to see just what you’re after, and if you need to know more contact a member of our press team or email us at

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