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Secrets of Septic Tanks with Leach Trenches

Published on April 12, 2012 By Kathy Mills

What is a Trench Leach Field Septic System? Septic leach trenches for disposal of septic tank effluent are 1 to 3 feet wide trenches that have up to 4 feet of aggregate rock with a perforated pipe installed down the middle of the trench on the top of the rock.  The pipe is connected to […]

Introduction to septic-design.info

Published on July 5, 2010 By Kathy Mills

The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues related to septic system or on-site wastewater system design in Arizona.  The state rules and related County rules are what control the design process. Topics that will be covered: 1. Site Investigations (percolation testing): preparing for testing, steps to complete field work and report. 2. Building […]